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The End Of Red Carpet Glamour? I Hope So!

The lifestyle editor of ‘The Age Newspaper’ classified Naomi Harris’s outfit at the BAFTA red carpet as a ‘Hit’ and stated that ‘If only more stars would dress like this to awards nights instead of the usual Rachel-Zoe-styled-stiff-taffeta’. Yes if only!

Long gone are the days when celebrities used to dress themselves. Nowadays they are all too scared to pick their own outfits and hide behind the skirts or pants of some of the biggest stylists in the world.

I personally I’m sick to death of watching award shows with every woman looking like a carbon copy of the other! There’s only so many times that one can endure the sight of sashaying gown trailing behind it’s wearer on the red carpet.

If you were a martian whose first and only impression of the earth was a celebrity red carpet awards event, you would go away thinking that all we earthling females ever wore were long dresses with trails, cut almost always firmly around the bust.

Thank you Naomi Harris for showing up to the BAFTAS in something a little less stiff and proper.

Naiomi Harris1 Naiomi Harris naomie-harris baftas-2014-red-carpet

And  good on you Angelina Jolly ( and I mean this sincerely) for reminding us all women that we can still look smoldering with minimal make-up and a low maintenance hairstyle.

Angelina Jolly

All of a sudden I am dying for a pair o tuxedo cigarette pants and a skinny belt We all know who wears the pants in your relationship!

Looking forward to individuality and personal style, not stylist style coming back to the red carpet. I hope Naomi Harris and Angelina Jolly have started a trend.


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