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Fashion Trends For 2014 -Spring/Summer

I have not lost my passion for fashion, I’ve merely become disillusioned. Bored with a repetitive diet of monochromatic hues, colour blocking, and the deconstructed ladylike silhouettes of the modern fashion era, where everything old is new again, and again, and again.

The last straw was the plastic fantastic polyester garments sold at ridiculous prices when in fact it’s being made out of some factory in south east Asia where people are being paid almost next to nothing.

Oh my how I long for the days when there was a bit of Oscar fashion scandal, when celebrities like Cher dared to wear nothing but a stocking with sparkles on it. I wish I could indeed turn back time and escape the age of the over polished botox celebrity beauties parading down the red carpet, flawless without a single imperfection. It’s just not natural.

Anyway…Recently while watching the news, I caught a glimpse of Roberto Cavalli’s bold recycled looks of the 1920’s (Which I’m sure must have been inspired by Baz Lerman’s ‘The Great Catsby’), I almost wet my pants!

Suddenly my desire to wear interesting clothes was sparked. It didn’t take me much to remember what I loved about fashion. The drama, contradictions, colour or the lack of it sometimes, and I was back trolling the net for inspiration for my next look for my wardrobe.  

Sadly what I found didn’t impress me much so I decided to take up sewing to make my own clothes, only to realize that I couldn’t find the patterns I wanted but I sure spent enough money (over $200 AUD) trying.

Don’t get me started on the fabrics! Anyway satisfaction finally came when I stumbled up on the easiest pattern making course on the planet! Really…They should call it pattern making for dummies and long story short, after a month of one day sessions in the course, I can finally make my own dresses, pants, skirts, and a few things in-between. I’m still learning!

The pattern making course is run at Astratex in Richmond, (, along with other sewing course! I’m loving it. It’s called Sitam Pattern Making. I just realized that most of you do not know where Richmond Melbourne is but the course is available world wide and is especially popular in Europe. And no you don’t have to be a rude and eccentric fashion student to do it! I just realized that I can with a lot of effort probably cut some of the designs that I’ve posted in this blog! Snap!

I encourage anyone remotely interested in fashion to consider making their own. You will be surprised how easy and fulfilling it can be!

Back to fashion…I’m going to like 2014 because designers have made some attempts at being creative.

The overly polished look of the last few years, that seems to have gone on longer than it needed to is finally coming to an end. I never thought I would be excited by the idea that fashion was getting a little more casual but I am over the moon about it. To see the relaxed chic re-enter the over perfectionist consciousness of today’s Fashionistas will be a refreshing breath of fresh air.

Yes most the looks still look quite polished but the fabric choices are a little more fun.

Metallic And Embellishments

Below Roberto Cavalli RTW Spring 2014.

Roberto Cavalli Spring1 2014 RTW

Roberto Cavalli Spring2 2014 RTW Roberto Cavalli Spring3 2014 RTW Roberto Cavalli Spring4 2014 RTW Roberto Cavalli Spring5 2014 RTW Roberto Cavalli Spring6 2014 RTW Roberto Cavalli Spring 2014 RTW

Casual Chic from the other designers…

Channel RTW Alexander McQueen1 Alexander McQueen Diane Von Furstenberg Marc Jacobs RTW Etro


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London Fashion Week SS/12 Be Inspired

The city renowned for it’s cooler than cool cutting edge street chick and eloquent classic style has just wrapped up it’s Spring Summer 2012 fashion season.  Bad news for those who are looking forward to less colour, there was still a lot of it on the catwalk, but thankfully the colour blocking phase may have run it’s cause.

Models sprawled out in bold graphic colourful prints from Basso and Brook and Peter Pilotto, while Fashionista and muse Kanye West watched on. White retained it’s cool next summer season. The lady like look has carried on from winter in pastels and soft florals. The length remains long and modest, calf length and beyond.

There’s a sense of a sophisticated but simple slickness about the lines gracing the catwalks. The clothes are shaped to fit and to fit comfortably. The styles of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are still influencing the modern designers, with the rebirth of the classic 60’s shift dress in bright floral graphic prints.

The make up is subtle and natural with the odd red strong lip still visible. There was a return to a more modest heel height and thickness.

I’m not sure if anyone remembers the bias cut. It’s a nightmare for anyone with hips and a bum and is guaranteed to add kilos to your frame. I’ve seen more and more of skirts and dresses cut at the bias in fashion editorials. One look I’ll be avoiding!

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