The Splits Are Back Again – Trend

While some of us fashion elitist’s were out today looking for winter clothes in 30 degree heat (I think that’s about 98 degrees for Americans), celebrities on the red carpet were slowly catching on a trend I wrote about last year, correction! I wrote about it almost two years ago (2011/11/29)
Splits Solange

For my fashion IQ on this trend click onto the following link to the post.

Now I know that the lovely Solange looked ‘a treat’ in her green dress with a huge split up the thighs, but all I could think about when I saw this photo was ‘why are these so called hip celebrities just catching tail of this so yesterday look?’

Splits jordin-sparks-clive-davis-party__oPt Splits Ashanti Grammys

So before you rush out to copy their look bare in mind that it’s almost on the way out.

You should be looking forward, not behind.

Psss… Monochromatic hues (again?), tangerine and other pastels, ditsy printed florals are just some of the trends coming ahead.

Don’t get left behind.

What the trend setters are looking ahead to….



Spring summer 2013 – Dian Von Fursten.

Note the soft flowy blouse in citrus line, almost shear. The raw silk shorts (although I love candy pink), must be a hang over from last season.



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