Will Power and Success

Book Will Power

The only time I read the paper is on the weekends, and it’s always the same paper, The Weekend Age. Never mind that I’m not necessarily a fan of one of the majority stake holder’s Gena Rinehart (aka richest woman in the world) of Fairfax Media (not very fair at the moment) who thinks that Africans are happy to work for a dollar a day or was that two dollars?

My favorite part of the paper is always the little magazines that come as part of the paper. They can sometimes contain little life eye opening tit bits, one of such was a book review by Suzanne Harrignton, ‘Resisting Temptation’, on the book, ‘Will Power: Why Self Control Is The Secret to Success’, by US R F Baumeister (social psychologist, I hate social psychologists) and New York Times science writer, John Tierney.

I have not yet purchased this book. I hope to have the will power and self control to take myself to the book store at some point in the next few days, maybe weeks, but hopefully while sudden madness that grips everyone to change and lead better lives every new year is still with me.

I must confess I am not a fan of self help books which this one seems to fall into the category of and I do hate social psychologist perhaps because of their generalization and their simplification of the human psyche, but mostly for their lack of understanding of the mind and body connection (I’ve been advised that this is somewhat changing as I write this, as new psychologists are being taught a little about neuroscience and neural biology). Maybe psychology will one day deserve to be called a science!

But  I really want to read this book, really. The review was so conclusively convincing about the benefits of having an ‘iron clad’ will to guarantee you success.

What I liked about what this book is that it makes a link between our genetics, biology, and the link between glucose and self control. Ringing any bells anyone?

So if this post seems to make no sense and if I never make it to that book store to buy the book, it will be most likely because I’m writing this on an empty stomach, fast losing focus, and making less and less sense and pretty soon some of you will be switching off, because my sugar levels are dangerously low but I don’t have the self control to stop typing, get off the couch and make myself a decent breakfast.

Five minutes later…

FYI I did take a mini break, stuffed some honey and sesame seeds in my mouth, while googling self control and glucose link.

Self Control And Glucose

The good news is that researchers are pointing to the fact that your blood sugar levels affect your ability to have self control. The bad news is that self control lowers blood sugar levels.

So the more you exercise your will power to stay strong, the lower your blood sugar gets and the more loss of self control you get. Confused?

My suggestion is that if will power and self control are important to you then read the book, it appears to have some scientific merits.

Why Will Power Is So Important

Lack of willpower is associated with some of the following:

  • Compulsive Spending and Borrowing
  • Impulsive Violence
  • Underachievement At School
  • Procrastination At Work
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Unhealthy Diet
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Chronic Anxiety
  • Explosive Anger

How is failure of self control affecting your life?

Those of you who are interested in the field of psychology can purchase the original laboratory paper of which it appears the book was based on and review other scholastic articles regarding on this subject from the American Psychological Association or click on the following link to take you their website.

Those who don’t have time to read articles can read the abstract and get the gist of the findings and if you believe the findings you will forever be armed with a dose of sugar to attempt to gain control of your will.
Other thoughts on this matter is that never start your day on an empty stomach. Your blood sugar levels are lowest in the morning because you’ve been asleep and haven’t had anything to eat. You wont be making any intelligent decisions and your self control and your ability to maintain your will power will be compromised long before you’ve attempted any plans.
Those of you wanting to lose weight and are struggling with your will power and self control have a very challenging road ahead of you.
The APA as also produced other tools to help you with your will power.
Good luck with your will power and self control and your new years resolutions.

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