The Benefits Of Having A Hobby

Sewing Basket

Last night I got excited. One of the largest commercial fabric and pattern stores in Australia is having an half-price sale starting today of course! Yeah for me!

I’m not the greatest sewer but the stuffed toys we were forced to make in my eighth grade class taught me enough to enable me to be able to mend my own clothes, sew a button and make intelligent decisions about fabric choices and of course style and cuts.

And every year because of my earlier experiences I undergo this grandiose desire to go out purchase fabrics and patterns to maybe make my own clothes. Well it never goes anywhere but that’s not the point of this blog.

Sewing may not be a strong enough passion for me to motivate me to become a seamstress or heaven, forbid a designer but it stimulates my imagination and motivates me to go out and try a different type of creative activity.

It’s something that I do for myself because I enjoy it and the idea of wanting to sew as led me to develop a healthy interest in fashion for which I am grateful and I look forward to spending at least two hours at some point today looking at fabrics, feeling their texture, and dreaming of making something out of them, although that might never happen.

I used to feel guilty about this waste of time but then realized that my passion for wanting to sew, which went as far as buying patterns, cutting them out on fabrics and then leaving them because I don’t have a machine to sew or the space is a hobby.

And in the land of hobbies it’s okay to start projects and not finish them because it’s not really about sewing, it’s the fact that the process of looking for fabrics and patterns creates a different creative outlet for me and gives me an opportunity to relax and escape my daily stresses.

Everything we do in life is has become so competitive and about being the best at this or that and we are constantly judging ourselves and beating ourselves up for not achieving the sometimes impossible.

For me hobbies are playtime and I have many of them! From sewing to photography, the stock market to natural medicine, making my own hair products, and just having a healthy curiosity about life. I get to be a child again and explore with my imagination at all things that could be possible. And I make no excuses for not completing some of the projects I’ve started.

Below are 2 reasons of why hobbies are important from the Website ThinkLink

  1. . For more information on this topic visit their website.
    1. As a remedy for fatigueA hobby is the easiest way to restore your balance whenever you are over-worked or stressed. Since it is an activity of your choosing, it will always give you pleasure and help you to unwind. Even if you indulge in your hobby for a short period of time, you still can feel the difference in your energy level and spirit.
    2. As a chance to connect with yourself
      Perhaps one of the best active ways to get in touch with yourself is to explore yourself through your hobby. It does not matter as much  what your hobby is; than having a hobby of your own. It is the private time you have with yourself. Interestingly, when you have a hobby, you will strive to create time for yourself and manage your schedule well to keep that appointment with yourself.

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