Dealing With Difficult People

Happy new Year to all! Hope that this year is a little more prosperous than the last one was.

How do you deal with other people’s insecurities and not let their negativeness get the better of you? How do you deal with emotionally deranged individuals who consider themselves somewhat enlightened and yet feel the constant need to constantly put down your ideas and try to make you look and feel stupid with every thing you say or do?


How do you deal with people who are constantly trying to reassure themselves by putting you down?

I have such a person in my life at the moment. And so far I’ve remained silent, refusing to react or respond to this particular thorn in my side’s negative attitude towards me but even though my silence has been golden, I’ve been fighting the urge to fight back at this very deluded individuals deliberate attempts at sabotaging my ideas which have fortunately been well received by others in our social circle.

This situation is new in my life and whereas the old me would have deleted this person from mind and memory, social media (aka facebook) makes ignoring the passive aggressive nature of this individual rather difficult. I’m beginning to get a whole new insight into the meaning of cyber bulling.

I feel silly deleting them from my friends list as they haven’t publicly humiliated or bullied me. It’s through personal messages via my inbox that they have been undermining me.

I am staying strong, though this is easier said then done. Not letting my thoughts be dominated  by one individuals corrupt sense of self can be difficult but one of the ways in which Iv’e been able to overcome past frenemies has been to use their negativity as a driving force to push me to do things. This has involved fighting my own insecurities that this person has raised of self worthlessness smallness and self pity. It’s made me work harder and she’s making me work harder.

While I haven’t got a solution to this problem, I will continue to be silent, go about my own business as I don’t think that this person is of sound mind or body. I’ve always believed that only sick people and people who feel bad about themselves go about causing trouble for others. Happy people are less likely to cause dramas.

I could confront them about what their doing but I don’t believe that they have the mental capacity to understand their own passive-aggressive nature and I don’t think that it will improve the situation. I can see them getting defensive and even more aggressive. I’ve so much to do and don’t want to get myself caught up or weighed down in this situation. I’ll take the high road, turn the other cheek.

Being aware that this person is a bully and a condescending lost soul doesn’t only make it easy for me to ignore them but to also lessen the impact they have  over what I do which is very important.

Everyday I wake up and I tell myself that they are not worthy and they are not!

Although sharing this on my blog has been therapeutic it’s also made me think that I’ve given this person more of a spotlight in my life than they deserved! The idea that they have affected me enough to write about them saddens me, so you wont be hearing about this person again. I am human but I’m not proud of my winging session though I’d be very interested in learning how other people deal with difficult people in their lives.

Do you have someone like that in your life? How are you coping?



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