The Sweetest Things…..

Yesterday a three year old boy I had been playing with stopped me on my miserable track and gave me something to reflect on.

He did this by thanking me for playing with him. Lately I’ve been so caught up in trying to get my writing career on track that I’ve been letting those sweet priceless moments of life pass me by.

Yes being a writer/ poet/all round creative person with too many ideas doesn’t pay the bills.

But something in me still captivates the imagination of a three year old, enough to elicit in him the grace to thank me for playing with him.

That wasn’t the only sweet thing that happened to me yesterday. I also got a phone call from a designer who has offered to design a dress for me for my second public poetry performance. This is just fabulous because I don’t have an extra cent to my name right now.

And to top it off, I am also the sister of a student journalist who reduced me to tears when she sent me a message to say that she appreciated me. Love you Pauline. Just letting you know that I cry every time I think of your message.

My bank balance maybe empty but my emotional cup is overflowing!

I am indeed a very fortunate person and so I believe are the majority of all of us. We just get caught up in the rat race and the pursuit of dreams and forget that life is still going on and that we mean something to someone…

Here’s taking a moment to appreciate those things that money, fame, or fortune can’t buy…



  1. Timi Onduku-Pedley said

    I feel your comments. The bank balance might be almost empty but the dreams and simple human pleasures are still alive and around us. Best wishes V

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