You Skinny B**ch

I was searching the net for photos of Channel Iman for this very post. This is not because she’s a beautiful model that seems to look great in everything but because she’s a beautiful model that does look great in everything. Joking.

It’s not always easy to dress for a very skinny frame. Sometimes it’s almost near impossible and contrary to popular belief, not all styles come in a size zero and not all size zeros look great in everything. One such size zero (I am sure Channel Iman is not a size zero) does a great job of working with her small frame. Yes I know that while a lot of women are trying to lose weight, they are some women who are trying to put on weight or have been haunted by the fact that the look like the poster child for anorexia.

It’s especially tough in the black community if you’re too skinny because people are always picking on you for being too skinny (skinny in Africa unfortunately has been associated with disease) and not having a butt and being flat chested.

I know a few girlfriends who have spent most of their lives trying to put on weight and it’s sad that the world makes them feel that uncomfortable that they are feeling that they have to conform.

Anyway the woman I was going to use as an example of great skinny style has gone out and put on weight! Model Channel Iman has according to reports put on 15 pounds for last years Victoria Secrets Show and it doesn’t look like she’s lost that weight.

I actually think that she’s enjoying being curvy and has put on some serious muscle for someone her weight anyway and her legs look great.

Other style icons that also happen to be skinny include Zoe Saldana and Jada Pinkett.

It’s hard when you’re skinny because you always have to balance your outfits between looking frumpy and wearing outfits that make you look like you’re not starving yourself to death.

Well tailored pieces are your best bet and you are better off wearing clothes that are fitted verses loose clothing. Your best outfits are the shapeless little shifts, think Diana Ross in the supremes.




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  1. Yens said

    Love the love of this message! Positivity all the way!

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