Why Confidence Is The New Black

I am not a hater but there are very few women who command my attention or even admiration. And I don’t even have to like what they do what they stand for, but anyone not being wowed by Mrs Smith, (Jada Pinkett), must be living on a completely different planet to the rest of us. Really.

It’s had to fault Mrs Smith. The strong facial profile accompanied contrasted with soft feminine features, Mrs Smith doesn’t only exude beauty, she also exudes strength. She’s a poster child for strong beautiful women of all ages.

It’s difficult to describe her style because she’s such a fashion chameleon and her fashion sense is based more on her ability to be comfortable with herself rather than following any modern fashion trend. And if you are wondering what trend to go for this season, why not try adding a little confidence and self-assurance to your outfit. It’s amazing what looks you will be able to pull off. Trust me, if you believe you look great, are well polished, and sure of yourself, who will be there to tell you otherwise?



  1. Mrs Smith, seems to go from yellow to black, then orange, a long gown to a powder blue romantic number without blinking an eye lid! All with the uttermost grace. This is the true meaning of style!

  2. artmehappy said

    Love this! And love, love Mrs Smith and her style! Yay for confidence- every woman she get some!

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