Black Panther Women

I was browsing through a bookshop in Brunswick Street, Melbourne, when I came across a book about the Black Panthers. I will admit I know nothing about them except what most people know that they were the most radical black freedom fighting movement in American history.

Their members included many black women, two of the most prominent being Kathleen Cleaver and Angela Davis. Regardless of how the media may have portrayed the Black Panthers, these women should be remembered for their bravery, for risking their lives. and for doing what most of us are unable to do today, that is stand up for our rights and the rights of others. And they did it with the uttermost of cool,  dignity, intelligence, and modesty.

In today’s world where we warship idol heroines hiding behind layers of make-up, hair extensions, and very little else, it was refreshing to find these cool and hip images of Angela Davis and Kathleen Cleaver in action. Wearing what looks like little or no make-up, a fierce signature Afro and the smarts that landed them on the FBI’s most wanted list, making them public enemy number one.



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