The 80’s & 90’s Make A Comeback

My first thought when looking at this years New York Fashion Week runway photos was horror! My least favorite fashion eras 80’s and 90’s had slowly crept into the fashion spotlight.

I’d been ignoring this trend over the past few months but the hen hard finally come home to roost when first my boyfriend started contemplating buying a pair of Doc Martins  and one of my youngest sisters started experimenting with the grunge look.

Oh the era of anti-fashion has reared it’s ugly head and is at least making it’s way through the streets of the otherwise fashionable town of Melbourne. While I would like to blame the GFC (everything’s the GFC’s fault), I’ve got to get used to looking at check shirts over tights and over sized  knitted jumpers and soon stone washed denim.

As for New York Fashion Week Winter 2012, there was more 80’s than 90’s. Hat’s will play a big role in the nothern hemisphere winters.


Above: Twins Mel and Kim recorded only on album. They were more famous for their fashion than possibly their music.

Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, pop idols in their 80’s power suits.

New York Fashion Week, Autumn/Winter 2012

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80’s and 90’s Basics


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