Style Conspiracy – Every Woman’s Worst Nightmare

I first saw a picture of Solange Knowles wearing the yellow dress in French Elle magazine, where she was described as ‘going for the look of ‘ultra fashion’, by fashion writer, Nathalie Dovilo. Nathalie has described fashion worn by modern black women as a ‘black-geosie‘, integrating all the ‘white codes‘ of dress while adding twists like african print turbans and shell necklaces’ ( This of course caused a storm but it’s not the reason for this post.

I was shocked to then discover that Alesha Dixon (no idea who she was till I saw her in a similar dress in French Vogue Black Online magazine, look of the day wearing a similar and almost identical dress. I felt sick for her! What woman wants to be caught dead in a dress that another woman has already stepped out in? Not only that but it’s almost as if she  copied the whole look, including make-up and shoes.

My boyfriend and his brother think that this was a conspiracy and that she was set up by fashion police, although my boyfriend thinks Alesha Dixon wore it better. As for my personal opinion? I have none. I’m just wondering how this could have happened? Does the right hand not talk to the left hand?

What are the chances of two women in the entertainment industry ending up having the same outfit and look? Are we all just sheep following the same fashion trends and the direction of a select few fashion magazine editors?

As women, most of us don’t have the luxury of couture and individual pieces straight of a designer’s collection. We have to succumb to masses of the same styles that come off a production line in some third world country.

But we are all unique individuals who should be encouraged to use our individuality to interpret fashion trends and looks in our own individual way rather than to follow fashion trends  like mindless sheep.


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