Bonsoir From Nouvelle Caledonie

For Christmas last year one of my few precious gifts was an all expenses paid to the island of New Caledonia, in the south pacific, two  and half hours from Sydney, Australia.


I’m writing this from Hotel Ramada, Noumea, my new favorite tropical Island. I’m not allowed to rave on about this place too much because it’s a hidden treasure with little tourists. It’s not cheap like Bali and from Australia only two airlines fly here. I flew with both, Melbourne to Sydney, with Qantas, followed by Aircalin from Sydney to Noumea.

I’m not sure what first class is like but economy sucked, the air hostess were stingy with water on the plane, and if you are not a meat eater, make sure you pre-order your meal before you board because they only had chicken.

They lost my luggage but were kind enough to locate it and had it delivered to my hotel the next night. In the mean time I was given a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in white with the airline logo on it.



Just like in France, they prefer that you speak french (sorry, it’s a french colony) and I should have really made some effort to learn a few words of the language before I left.

They don’t like Australians, I’m not sure how they feel about American’s or the British.

The population on the island is made up of a several southern pacific people and french people who where born and raised here. It’s a melting pot and I can’t really tell from the capital which is the dominating race. There are all sorts of complexions and shapes and I’m getting confused as being one of the natives, then I open my mouth. Hair styles and types range from afro’s, curly, to waves, to straight. Apparently they have many hair straightening techniques but it’s difficulty to keep your hair straight because of the humidity.

Forget wearing foundation or powder, it will melt right off your face in the heat. I don’t mind the humidity myself. I don’t know whether it’s the soft water or the humidity but within three days the dried scaly skiny on the soles of my feet disappeared and the edges of my hair which are normally always dry from the temperamental Melbourne weather have never been more hydrated.

I’ve been swimming everyday and my hair hasn’t dried. It’s a salt water pool and I oil my hair before going swimming with castor oil. I decided not to take any beauty products or hair products except for castor oil and eve lom cleanser. My reasons were simple, the last time I traveled and spent three months in Los Angeles, I bought a skin products only to realize that these Australian made brands were not compatible with the LA weather. My skin broke out and I had to buy products that were made in LA.

Here because of the hot humid weather moisturizers are aloe based and I’ve discovered some of the oils used in the South Pafic, such as noni oil, tamanu (or kamani oil), Tahitian Monoi. They are great against the elements here and apparently have a range of anti-aging properties. I also discovered that an allover egg white wash is the greatest cure for sunburnt skin.

Food is fresh, amazing seafood and great french pastry. My goal while here is to relax and find out as much as I can about the beauty secretes if the language barrier permits.


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