The Great Cover Up – The Jacket

Finding the jacket that will blend with my wardrobe, suit my personal style and also rise to the rarer occasion where I’m invited to a specific function is a challenge.

Last year I talked a lot about simplicity and the principles of de-clattering an outfit. The problem with jackets is in their construction. A lot of them suffer from a lack of subtlety and simplicity but that’s their nature. They are meant to be complicated.

There are many different styles and for many different occasions. The first thing is to differentiate between a jacket and a coat. I’m talking about jackets and not coats but sometimes the lines can become very blurred.

What role should a jacket play in your wardrobe?

Jackets are commonly associated with suits. The role of the jackets in everyday life is for warmth and adding a protective layer of clothing when the barometer drops. Be it night or day.

Jackets can also be warn to add a hint of personal style to an outfit, glamour, casual chic, subtle elegance, and covering up a plunging neckline in the presence of strangers.

You should have a casual jacket for day to day wear, a suit jacket for job interviews or for whatever profession you are involved in, and  an evening jacket.  For those on a tight budget a well cut blazer in a good fabric should do the trick.

Choosing Your Jacket

There’s that horrible little phrase; ‘body shape’! Unfortunately as with everything else, your style choices are genetically pre-determined by your body shape. Those who choose to ignore this and wonder why things don’t suit them or they don’t look as good on them as that person and that person, do so at their own style peril.


Many many options available.

Double Breasted, Single Breasted, Military Style, Leather Jacket, Cropped Jacket, Bolero Jacket, Bomber Jacket, Blazers, Denim, Tuxedo Jacket, Manstyle Jacket, Collarless Jacket, Peplum Jacket and many others I’m sure I’ve overlooked.

The Do’s And Don’ts

The most important thing about choosing the right jacket is that it chooses you right back. Jacket styles never really go out of fashion. You don’t have to worry about the style dating, though I can’t guarantee that the colour or choice of fabric wont.

Above, Halle Berry and Kelly Rowlands are good girls gone bad in the Iconic leather biker jacket.  It gives even the sweetest girls immediate edginess and attitude

When choosing your jacket pay attention to the neckline, collar, length, fabric, and detail.

Big busted women, stay away from high necklines and jackets with too much detail on the bust like military jackets. They’ll add cups sizes to your bust!  This includes double breasted. The buttons wont do up. Curvy types stay away from jackets that come down to your hips and thighs and shapeless straight cuts. Go for fitted and more tailed clean cuts.

Deconstructed leather jacket, not doing Ms Rowland any favors

Short women look out for very long jackets. They can be too much for the petite women and you run the risk of losing yourself in the jacket.

Jackets are about shape and structure so buy one that conforms to these guidelines. If you want to wear a de-constructed piece of fabric, wear a wrap or a shawl. That’s what they’re there for.

Colours and Patterns

Many of us don’t have the celebrity connections or wallets to afford to be buying crazy outlandish printed jackets in forget me not shocking pinks or electric blues. Please be sensible. You want to be able to wear your jacket for as long as possible to as many places as possible. You don’t want to be a one jacket hit wonder.


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