Lady Like Suiting Style

Suits, twin sets, and pant suits. New year and a new trend on the horizon. Seen on the runways of the spring/summer 2012 fashion collections.

The Do’s

Personalize the look with appropriate footwear. Stay away from chunky heels and from full length boots. Kitten heels and stilettos make for the best style footwear to accompany this look. If you have to wear boots make them ankle boots.

This is a look that you can’t mix and match with.

Minimal accessories. Suit are often very detailed and the detailing can clash with accessories.

The Don’ts

Double Breasted suits are not suited to the bigger busted. All D Cups and above, approach with caution.

Avoid matching your shirt/blouse with the suit and shoes.

What To Wear Underneath

Biggest challenge I find with suits is making them look feminine. You have two choices for what to wear underneath. Blouse or shirt, long or short sleeve. For a feminine look, opt for a blouse for softness.

Most suits are traditionally made in dark colours, choose a shirt/blouse in light pastel colours or soft floral prints.

Tailoring and Fabrics

When it comes to suits whether you decide to go ‘manstyle’ like Janelle Monae or ‘Lady Like’ (Halle Berry above), the quality and the tailing of the fabric is everything!

Stay away from 100% polyester, unless you can find a suit made from this fabric that doesn’t look cheap. Opt for a wool blend or other natural and synthetic blends for affordability.

The Evening Suit

Not all of us have the confidence or the fashion cred to rock a black tux with metallic embellishment like Halle Berry. Stay away from such extravagance and stick with simple prints or subtle pinstripes as above. Where a sheer blouse in a lighter colour than the suit underneath.

Spring/Summer 2012

In Stores  (


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