Same Same But Different – How To Break Your Fashion Rut

Is this you? Stuck in a fashion rut and on constant replay? Lost your imagination or perhaps you can’t really be bothered anymore or you bought two tops in different colours because you liked them so much? And you thought you might as well wear them back to back. Boring!

The above outfits were apparently worn over a weeks period and some bloggers called it ‘Leona’s Do It Yourself Styles’. Well she shouldn’t have! She’s obviously got the figure for the high waisted skirts and yes she can wear colour and the flat stomach for a crop top. But despite the different tones and shades, it basically looks like a uniform.

It wouldn’t have been so bad that she’s worn the same style skirt but did she have to wear the same style tops and the same shoes?

We all get into a fashion rut where our sometimes signature look, for some it’s wearing clothes you look best in and for others it’s wearing clothes you feel comfortable in, becomes repetitive and monotonous. We all know someone who always wears dresses and someone else’s who can’t seem to find anything else to wear but jeans and a t-shirt.

If you’re stuck on fashion stupid and can’t seem to stop yourself from buying the same thing only in different shades and colours, no matter how great they look on you, maybe you need a new fashion challenge. I have been on one for the last few months. My goal has been simple. Don’t buy another dress.

I’ll give the same advise to anyone who finds themselves in this situation. If you love jeans then challenge yourself to stop buying jeans and at least for one week try wearing anything that isn’t what you think you like and what you think looks best on you.

I used to work in a clothing boutique and part of my job was to wear the clothes on the shop floor and it had to be the current stock. I didn’t always like the clothes and some cuts did nothing for my figure but because I had no choice I learned to work with the range of clothes I was given. It was the boutiques way of advertising their clothes. A lot of customers would come in, look at me and the other girls and literally shop off our bodies. We were the best advertising they could have had and no we weren’t professional models, size sixes or petite. Our bodies represented the average woman and it was amazing how individual we all manage to make the same clothes (on Saturdays we wore the same clothes) look.

It’s funny sometimes we would deliberately wear things we hated and laugh at ourselves and people would come in and love them.

I learned to wear cuts and looks that I had previously thought didn’t suit me and was plaesantly surprised. Most people have a fairly fixed idea of what they think looks best on them. And it doesn’t seem to matter what’s happening in the world of fashion their ideas stay fixed.

One of the benefits of going shopping is the option to try on as many different things as you like so fear nothing. You don’t have to buy them. It’s important to experiment with different looks often as we as individuals are also in a constant state of change. We all need a wardrobe that best represents who we are and where we are at in life.

A great way to make sure that your wardrobe is as diverse and as exciting as I’m sure you all are is to not buy the same thing in more than one colour unless it’s a basic. Ensure that the clothes you are buying are individual pieces that compliment each other and you at the same time. Experiment with different styles, fabric textures, colours and shapes.

If you’re not sure hire a stylist or a personal shopper. A lot of stores have started including personal shoppers. Topshop Melbourne have a personal shopper. I’ve never used a personal stylist. I’m grateful for the fashion gene in my family and the many years I worked in fashion retail.

Anyone wanting any fashion tips stay tuned. There’s more to come. Those of you with ¬†specific questions, email or leave me a comment. Happy to help


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