Skinny Waist Belts

There’s a thing about fashion trends, they come and they go. Sometimes they are kind to us and sometimes they are not. I’m not sure if the reason that I don’t like skinny belts is because of my own genetic deformation of being born with a very small waist and a short torso.  They don’t suit me and I can’t wear them.

My personal opinions aside, the trend is back in swing, and slowly but surely catching on like a house of fire if the accessories stands at Topshop Melbourne are anything to go by or Paris Spring Summer 2012, October just passed.

So for all those of you pondering the question ‘to skinny belt or not to skinny belt?’, take a few moments to consider your body shape, personal style and intent.

The skinny belt is about subtlety and refinement. It’s a classic best warn with man style pants or lower waisted pants and skirts. Those of you with your teeny tiny waists too close to your bust lines, a short torso (you’ll know who you are) stay clear (celebrities like Beyonce fall into this category).

For those that can wear this style, a few simple rules to avoid the fashion police.

K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple sister), ie remember this tiny little strap of leather is a highlight, don’t obstruct it.

Below Gabrielle Union, a current fan of the skinny belt, shows us ‘how not to’ in the pink dress and ‘how to’ in the black dress.  The pink dress has a little too much detail for the slightly lighter pinker belt to really stand out. A skinny belt should be as simple at possible and shouldn’t have additional detailing such as plaiting.

Another day another outfit. The skinny belt comes into it’s on in yellow and shines against the black backdrop of a simple dress.

Other notable mentions on the skinny belt front Tyra banks, shows us how it’s done, not once, but twice in different colours.

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