Avoid Buyers Remorse At End Of Year Sales

While most of us are pondering what to get the loved ones and ourselves for Xmas, others are looking forward to the end of the year sells. But before you part with your hard earned dollars and pick up that bargain that you don’t need, here are a few thoughts.

All that is on sale is all that didn’t sell. In retail, when something doesn’t sell, there’s generally something wrong with it. So a price reduction wont necessarily make it right.

Most stores have a no return policy on sale items so choose wisely. Consider if the garment is something you’re ever really going to wear? Will it play nicely with the other toys in your closet?

To avoid buyers remorse and a closet full of unworn clothes, below is a photo gallery of some of the upcoming season’s trends all in white fromĀ Paris Fashion Week Spring 2012.

Use this sale time to update your wardrobe.

Buy trans-seasonal pieces. Stock up on items that can be warn throughout the seasons from winter to summer, spring to autumn.

White will be a key colour for next year’s spring/summer. Stock up on colours that will compliment the colours of the next season.

Always read the washing instructions. If you’re not prepared to spend time ironing or taking things to the dry cleaner then don’t buy garments with the label ‘dry clean only’.

If it doesn’t fit don’t buy it. There have been many times when I’ve bought things that are too big for me with the resumption that I was one day going to take it to the tailor. Well it took two years for a pair of pants I’ve only worn once. There’s the hopeless assumption that if you buy a size smaller you’ll be motivated to keep your new years resolution for weight loss. Good luck!

Don’t buy a trend that’s on it’s way out. While the last few fashion seasons have been about the abundant display of flesh, designers have shifted gears, making the next fashion calender about refinement, high necklines, and below the knee lengths. The pleating that we saw this season on everything from dresses to skirts to tops was mostly absent from most of the spring/summer collections.

Happy Shopping


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