Colour Toning Vs Colour Blocking

Models are renowned for their beauty, grace, and often style. They are often blessed with good genes and bodies most of us can only dream of. But despite all that, even they sometimes get it wrong.

Liya can wear any colour. In this case she’s chosen yellow. Not just one shade but three. There’s the jacket, the dress, and those sunburnt yellow sandals.

The combo she’s put together is not a suit but two pieces of clothing that do not compliment each other in colour, texture or shape. The shoes stick out like a sore thumb.

colour toning or colour blocking?

Colour blocking and bright colours have been the rage for the longest time. While we have been encouraged to live a little and experiment with colour, the use of one colour in three different shades does not qualify as colour blocking. The concept of colour blocking is to use blocks of colour/s, not one colour in different shades.

The above outfit lives me unsatisfied when I look at it. I’m dying to know what the yellow dress, hiding underneath the tuxedo jacket looks like. And the shoes keep destructing me.

It would have been nice if the jacket was waist length. Maybe a bolero would have been better, then the dress would have been visible. Tuxedo jackets tend to look better with pants. Those shoes could have so easily been a bright blue or even pink.

Below is the Brazilian model Camila Alves in the simplified versions of the above look.

Yellow made easy

A reminder of what colour blocking is:

Definition – ‘Outfit made up of blocks of solid colour’.

Solange Knowles a fashion chameleon and master of colour demonstrates colour blocking.

Colour Blocking

Note: Different shades of the same colour are not colour blocking

What is not colour blocking:

  • Wearing many tones of the same colour
  • Wearing black or white on their own or together. Technically black and white are not considered colours in the science of physics which measures colours as light. White is a mixture of all colours and when you break down white light you get the colours of the rainbow. Black is the absence of all colours. When you have black you have no colours.

White a mixture of different light waves

Colour Toning

Similar to colour blocking. It it involves wearing colours with similar tones but not the same shade.

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