Top Heavy Fashion Guidelines

The above outfit was the inspiration for today’s blog post and begun my adventure into rediscovering some of my fashion rules about the best way to wear large breast. Large breasts are a blessed curse for those who have them. Being blessed with large breasts is a double edge sword.

You will always manage to attract the attention of both men and women and not always for the right reasons. Working with large breast is a little like walking the tight rope. The wrong outfit and you run the risk of looking like a porn start, a cheap two dollar hooker turning tricks on the street corner or frumpy.

Most of you will agree that the above photo is not the best outfit you’ve all seen Ms Hudson in. In fact after a google search, I’ve got to say it’s got to be the worst. I love the woman. Who else outshone Beyonce in Dream Girls, dealt with personal adversity, has been a successful weight loss story and is now the face of weight watchers?


So where did she go wrong?  The first thing you notice when you look at the dress is the draping at the front of the dress also known as a cowl neck.

I am not sure if it’s part of the dress or a singlet warn underneath to cover up her cleavage, but the piece of white fabric between her breasts is very destructing. I will bet that it could in fact be a singlet. I’ve seen a lot of larger breasted women encouraged to wear singlets underneath revealing dresses to avoid over exposure.

My theory is if the dress doesn’t cover everything you need to cover (especially for such an attention grabbing little number), then don’t wear it. Lets imagine how this dress would look on a woman with a smaller bust?

How Many Features Can One Dress Have?

This dress has four features. It’s metallic silver, is short, is draped across the neck and on the side of the hip.

Keep It Simple Sister. This dress has too many features. What curves need is simple elegance and harmony.

The extra drape and the short length concentrate our attention to the hips. The dress makes her look bigger in the hips that she really is. I can’t imagine this dress doing anything for anyone with boobs or curves. Not even Beyonce who is also curvaceous would make this dress work.

The Choice Of Fabric

The soft draping silver fabric has no structure therefore gives no shape to the wearer. And you need a little structure if you happen to be blessed with curves and breasts. Short dresses can make curvy women frumpy, long dresses provide elongate the body and provide a sense of grace.

Structured Dress

Below loose and long

The shiny fabric draws attention to the breasts

I question the choice of fabric for this design. Not all fabrics are created equal. And when designers are selecting a fabric for a garment, they pay serious attention to how the fabric is going to compliment a style or design.  This is sewing class 101.

Those of you who make your own clothes will always notice on the back of the patterns you buy, the pattern maker recommends the best suitable fabric for the design.

Here are my tips for working with boobs…

If there’s something that’s difficult to hide it’s a big bust (it’s obviously not a figure flow so why try). If you have a big bust then you know how challenging it is to find clothing that not only compliments your figure but actually fits you. It doesn’t matter what your size, you’re still going to manage to pop the button on that shirt and have difficulty keeping anything sitting well on your chest.

three dresses, three women. The importance of length, defining the waist, and the correct use of fabric.

Don’t Hide Your Boobs

The biggest mistake most full busted women make in terms of fashion, is trying to hide their bust. It’s absolutely almost always impossible. Some try to disguise the size of their bust by wearing lose clothing which almost always ends up making them look at least two sizes bigger than they really are.

Importance of structure and defining your waist


Belts and Definination

When you’ve got big boobs it’s very easy for your waist to get lost underneath the your chest.  Have a collection of belts (I prefer thick belts) for loose clothing and avoided baby doll dresses and tops.

Belts and Definition

Belts and Definition

Use belts to create shape 
Why You Should Show A little Cleavage….

Avoid anything with a high neck. High neck may offer coverage but wont disguise the size of your boobs. Note the two dresses worn by Jill Scott. The orange dress has a high neckline and is makes her breasts look bigger than the black and white dress with a v-neck.



A note on wearing jewellery….

Jewellery has to sit above the chest area, a little below the collar born. Chockers are the best. They draw attention away from the chest and towards the neck and shoulders.  Avoid any jewellery that sits right across the bust. This will draw attention to an area that doesn’t need any attention.


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