Doing The Splits – Trend

Slowly but surely this subtle piece of showing a bit of flesh is making a come back on the fashion trail. The split has long been a fashion favorite of mine. Especially with all the long hems going around I’m glad it’s back. It’s one way of sheepishly showing a bit of flesh. It’s mysterious to only see the hint of flesh on someone. It’s like they are hiding someone and naturally with secrets people become curious.

The beauty about the split is that your body shape, size doesn’t matter. Find the right dress or skirt with the split in it, and there’s instant allure.

But there a few things to consider. How high should the split be and where should the split be located? You have the back, front, right side, left side and then theirs the front left and front right.

Front Split - Dress is at least knee high in length

The rear split

The split must be located in a place that maximises your best assets or should I say the best part of your legs since it’s the lower end of the body you’re going to be exposing.

You must be able to bend in a garment with a rear split without exposing your backside.

If you’re wearing a straight dress or a straight skirt then the split should be located at the back or the side. This is more flattering and minimises the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction. Imagine sitting down in a fitted dress or skirt with a long split at the front. Good luck maintaining your composure and looking like a lady!

The subtle side split on the 3/4 length dress

Another point to consider is the length of the dress or skirt. Can you wear a short skirt with the split in it?

Only with the legs of a supermodel

How high should the split be?

The dangers of a high split

when bad splits happen to good people

Both Serena and Naomi failed to have kept it simple. How many features can each of these dresses carry? For Naomi, strapless, pleats, satin, the eyelits along the split and the colour white.

Serena is more than guilty of over exposure. A candy pink dress, backless, plunging neckline, and the split that’s smack right in the middle, threatening to expose her privates is certainly no way for a nice girl like Serena to appear in public. I mean what a contradiction! The girly pink colour with a sumptuous display of flesh!

Getting it right

The sky was the limit with this side split dress. High splits tend to look better if the fabric of the garment is flowy and there’s lots and lots of fabric. Lots and lots fabric at the bottom of a dress or skirt creates a sense of movement and drama. And we all want drama!


Inspired?  go to

the front split with draping

Multi splits look better on lengths below the knee

Other considerations….

Wear splits for day and night.

For this style to work the skirt or dress looks better fitted around the waist.

And Keep It Simple Sister….



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