The Statement Piece

Since the break up of destiny’s child, Kelly Rowland has emerged as a fierce Fashionista, raising the roof and becoming one of fashion’s It Girls. With an adventurous fashion spirit, Kelly effortlessly tackles complex fashion trends. Sometimes all at once. From colour blocking to neutral hues, to pastels and back to black. There isn’t a trend or a style I haven’t seen on this fashion¬†chameleon.

But bad fashion decisions can sometimes be made by even the worlds highest fashion IQs and while visiting the net and thinking about statement pieces, I came across the picture below.

If anyone is going to be able to pull off a pair of pleated leather pants with cobalt blue heels, its going to be Kelly. But the addition of the 101 dalmation top, large blue ring on the finger, I find myself asking, ‘what was she thinking?’

There’s nothing wrong with the top. Sometimes we all try too hard and we forget that one of the most important aspects of style is balance and harmony. No matter what you’re wearing there should be a sense of Zen about your outfit. I go back to the comment I made on my previous post about wearing two statement pieces. In the above, there’s literally three. The shoes, the leather pants and the jumper.

Imagine the jumper gone and replacing it with a plain top? Or imagine the pants gone and replacing them with a plain pair of pants or a pleated skirt (heard that they are in this season)? We regain balance. Back to Zen.

Excitement about the latest looks and fashion trends can sometimes cloud our better judgement. We maybe women but we can’t always multitask our outfits trying to fit in every trend.

Statement Pieces

I see a statement piece as a piece of clothing, shoe or accessory that could be literally warn on it’s own without the support of any other garment or accessory. Something that if you were naked and wore only it, no one would pay attention to the fact that you’re naked. That is a statement piece and it needs nothing else.

And if you’ve found such a statement piece and ‘want to make a statement’, then try the following tips.

Compliment – the best way to wear a statement piece is to wear things that enhance it’s beauty and show it off. It truly must be treated as if it were a master piece. Construct your outfit around it by making sure that nothing else competes for it’s shine by complimenting it.

You pay attention to the detail on the top because the pants don't get in the way

Colour as a statement

Less is more – The biggest fashion problem suffered by all of us is the lack of simplicity. Give your outfit a focal point. Simple doesn’t have to be boring and more isn’t always better.

Leopard as a statement

patterns as a statement


Jewels as a statement


Simply stunning.




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