Metallic Trend

Nothing speaks of instant glamour than a metallic dress, top, skirt, jacket or evening bag.

If you love the night life and want to try this trend, then here are a few tips.

  • Metallics are best worn at night. In the daytime they have the potential to look out of place and a little too much.
  • When you wear a metallic dress or skirt, you’re making enough of a statement. This means that the rest of the outfit needs to complement the dress and not compete with it for attention.
  • The make-up needs to be simple. It’s best if you stay away from metallic make up when you’re wearing a metallic dress or top or jacket. You maybe able to get away with it if it’s the skirt (it’s far from your face).
  • Make sure the style and cut complements your body and that the dress is not too tight.
  • Keep the footwear and the accessories simple.

Remember the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Sister.

Here’s a style Icon whose not afraid of the shine.

The gold dress is hot. The golden bangles are a midas touch. The red knee high boots are trying to still the show and detract from the elegance of the dress. Gold heels would have served the purpose.


Good things come in small packages or in this case metallic embellishment. The difference between the top outfit and the bottom is the choice of shoes. Here we see the shoes taking a backstep to the dress. When you’re planning your outfit, sometimes you need to decide what your outfit is going to be about. Is it about the fabulous gold dress that shows of your beautiful figure or the eye popping edgy boots in prostitute red? It’s all in good taste.


Keep the accessories simple and to a minimum. The black belt adds defines her slender waist creating a contrast and an envious silhouette. The fact that it’s a high waisted belt helps to elongate the body and make the legs look like they go on forever and ever. The shoes play a supporting role to the rest of the outfit. Notice no jewelry. There’s a lot going on already.

This is especially important when wearing a long dress. It’s about the dress. Notice that  when the dress was short the hair was down. This is important when wearing something long sleeved and high neck. To maximise the amount of skin showing, you pull your hair back and expose the neck area.

Here again, back to short and the hair is worn out.


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