Detoxing Via The Skin

I think we’re all familiar with the word detoxing. Detoxing for most people tends to be the first step to weightloss and for other a holistic way of reducing toxin levels in the body and to improve general health.

Detoxing is so popular that there are many detoxing programs and diets run by various health clinics. Nowadays you can even find a detox kit being sold through your local chemist or your health food store.

While many of the detox techniques that are popular are based on extreme diets of either raw foods or fruit juices, there are many ways in which the toxins from the body can be removed without severe dieting or eating loads of raw vegetables that for some people can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Although most people don’t often think about what area of their body they are actually cleansing when they choose a detox system, there are several areas of which you can focus your detox on. That’s assuming you understand your health well enough to work out what area of your body requires the most detoxification.

Basically toxins can exist your body via the body’s organs.

Gastrointestinal track (GI), skin, liver, kidney/bladder, and lungs.

Detoxifying through your skin can be a quick, simple and easy way of detoxing. Depending on what method you choose, can be done on a regular basis to maintain your health and beauty.

Drinking 6-8 glasses of water. You’ve all read this one and you will probably read it again. Water cleanses period. Think of drinking water (that is water, not soft drinks not cola) has a way of washing your insides the way you wash your outside. I mean you wouldn’t shower with orange juice, it would defeat the purpose.

Skin Brushing – The simplest thing you can do to get healthier radiant skin all over. All you need is a natural body brush and your skin the same way you would brush your hair.

Sweating – You can sweat it out at the sauna, spa, or steam room or via a work out. The choice is yours and this can be done on a regular basis with little money or effort. Sweating out can be quite relaxing whether sitting in a spa or working out. You should consult your doctor if you have heart problems, suffer from any other chronic illness. Saunas, steam rooms and spas are not recommended for pregnant women.

Baths – Haven’t heard of a woman who hates a bath yet and just as well because they are a great way to treat yourself once a week, not only for relaxation purposes but to also detox. Healthy stores sell special salts that disolvve in water and some may even choose to add essential oils such as lavender for soothing and calming. The choice is yours.

Body Scrubs and mud wraps- Great way to stimulate the skin and detox. This will live your skin feeling great and looking great. Many body scrubs and mud scrubs. A quick one to make at home is using brown sugar and olive oil.  Caution, the shower will be oily and slippery

There are other more complex and demanding methods but including these in your daily beauty routine will help your health and stress levels


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