Dreaming of A Flat Tummy

Dreaming of a flat tummy? Here are a few tips from Melbourne’s Function Force, Personal Trainer, Craig Moir.

According to Craig Moir, personal trainer and my personal torturer, flat tummy and killer abs have nothing to do with stomach crunches. For him (and he’s got the eight pack to prove it! That’s right, not six but eight!), exercises that strengthen the core are the key to a tummy worth showing off. The 39 year old, former bowl cancer survivor credits his physic and strong abs to maintaining a good posture throughout his day and activating his tummy muscles during all exercises including running.

According to Craig you can do all the crunches you like but it wont mean that you will get a hard rock tummy. Unfortunately most people when performing abdominal exercises fail to activate the correct muscle groups. Most focus sorely on the rectus abdomus which are the muscles worked mostly during sit up. They tend to leave out the Transverse Abdominal muscles, obliques and the erectus spina. The lower back is also part of the core. There are many muscles involved in attaining what we call the six pack of flat abs. They form part of the core.

The diagram below is from  Go Senior Fitness http://www.goseniorfitness.com/blog-by-ben.htm

In the olden days it was all about people walking straight and maintaining a tall posture. Maintaining a straight posture throughout the day could be more beneficial than doing stomach crunches because when you’re walking straight or standing or sitting straight you’re forced to activate the core muscles giving you a stronger core.

Besides a flat stomach having a strong core also means less back pain, especially for those who spend hours behind a desk.



Here are some of the core exercise that are part of the circuit and boxing training at Function Force Gym Brunswick

The above image is from No Iron Fitness http://www.no-iron-fitness.com/the-plank.html.

Image from Riverside Online,  http://www.riversideonline.com/health_reference/Fitness/SM00047.cfm.


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