Seasons Must Have’s

I was just reading articles in this months Australian Vogue about the recent fashion trends. One particular story was about colour and how the colour trend is a fad that seems to be going nowhere. That maybe on the catwalks of Milan, Paris and London. In my wardrobe colour has always reigned supreme . And I’m sure I’m not the only black woman who will pay testimony to that. While the rest of the world has just embraced colour, black women have been colour blocking since the beginning of time.

Above London’s new ‘It Girl’ Rissikat Bade, from model to law student to Miss London embraces this seasons trend in a bold red orange lace dress lets her legs do the talking.

While colour remains one of the most popular fashion trends, it seems that everything that ever was is in fashion. And if you’re a confused Fashionista wondering what new trend you should invest your precious dollars on, the good news is you can’t get it wrong. Stripes, graphic prints, the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and 80’s and whatever the 90’s and 00’s were renowned for are all back in fashion. From futuristic to ladylike, nautical, checks, metallic, and minimalism it’s all in.

    The Boxy Jacket, originally warn by artist’s in the late 70’s and early 80’s made a comeback this year in Stella Mccartney’s collection

The return of Boho Chic, thanks to Sienna Miller, who is famed for making the look more feminine and refined for the long part of the last decade. I thought It would be at least another 10 years before I saw this look again. But what goes around, comes around! I guess?

 Ladylike, classic wrap dress in white. This look is doing the rounds again. This dress from Milly is a classic take on both minimalism trend, white as a colour for the season as well as looking like a lady. Buy this style and you will wear it time and time again. The above the knee length is perfect. It’s neither too short or too long for a timeless modern look. A simple dress like this can be warn with cream shoes for the monochromatic trend or bright coloured shoes for night time. This can be the perfect day dress. You can easily throw a black jacket over this for a more sophisticated look.

The dress is like a blank canvas of which you can add your own artistic input.

Other tips for this classic wrap dress; think crotchet scarf or wrap for evening or bright cardigan for day.

So when faced with the challenge of writing a post on this season’s must haves or a wardrobe staples, I’ve had to think very long and hard about what this season’s about. Yes it’s about colour, stripes, minimalism, metallics, graphic prints, spots, long skirts, asymetrical, boho chic. It’s everything and nothing at the same time. We live in a fashion age full of endless options and are spoiled for choice in terms of trends. The most important fashion must this season isn’t the latest designer bag or whether you should invest in spots or stripes but having the fashion intellect to be able to combine all these fashion elements into a unique personal style that allows you to go from work to play and back again and play a supporting role in your life.

Like with everything, knowledge is power and what you don’t know could kill you. The most powerful knowledge you can have is knowing your body. When you’ve worked out what your greatest assets are and what your limitations are you’re half way to writing the fashion story of your life and creating a wardrobe that will keep you in vogue.

The other one of this seasons must have’s is confidence and ease. Nothing looks hotter than self confidence and if you don’t have it fake it until you get it!

I bought clothes that best expressed who I feel that I am. That is a creative being with an intellect and a strong sense of self. It’s the image I wanted to express to the publishers at a fund raiser where I wore Grandma’s Finest Vintage navy wrap around skirt with a sheer cream blouse that I wore over a corset. Minimal accessories, silver necklace, and a pair of tanned Jeffrey Campbell Clogs that I already owned.

So let the fashion trends come and go. As long as you know yourself and comfortable within your own skin, you’ll never be a fashion victim or a fashion slave.


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