Asymetrical Hems – Trend

I was driving through Brunswick and Fitzroy, the home of Melbourne’s new Bohemia and everywhere I looked there was a skirt or a dress or top with an uneven hem. Did someone forget to send me the fashion memo or did I deliberately ignore the trend because it’s certainly not one of my favorites.

I’ve just been on one of my many favorite shopping websites, just window shopping I guess and I was again reminded of what I saw yesterday. Australian designers seemed to have taken to the trend like a duck to water! More uneven everything. I’m starting to feel off balance. I also checked the American shopping website, (which wins my award for favorite shopping website with excellent, speedy delivery! And cheap delivery too!), more uneven everything.

Although this is not my fav trend I can offer some fashion advise or perhaps tips on getting the best out of the trend for those who are a slave to fashion.

The best uneven hem dresses I’ve seen on the streets and online have been long loose Grecian dresses, that are slightly shorter at the front and longer at the back. The shorter hem starts below the knees not above! This is more flattering especially if your legs aren’t your best asset. Just remember wearing an uneven hem will draw attention to whatever part of the body the unevenness starts from.

I saw a girl who was hippie wearing an uneven sleeveless purple shirt. The shorter end of the shirt started just above her hip bone and the longer part behind went all the way down to her knees. The unevenness drew my attention to her hips which made her look heavier than she probably was.

The other uneven hem trend is the handkerchief hem on skirts and dresses. Not a fan! The dresses I’ve seen remind me of something Pocahontas would have warn and is part of the whole hippie and boho revival. Same rules apply as above.

If you want to try it this trend, keep it simple and clean. The uneven hem is busy enough without adding too many accessories or other distractions to your outfit. Avoid patterned uneven hem dresses and if you’re going to wear a long handkerchief hem dress or skirt make sure its with short boots.


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