Body Makeover – Benefits of Boxing and Circuit Training

It’s nine pm and normally my mind would be buzzing and I would not have any problems typing or thinking. But I’m exhausted! Thanks to the boxing class that I’ve just taken at the Brunswick Gym, Function Force (for more information see their website It’s part of my new get back into shape regime recommended by my on and off personal trainer. I don’t have problems exercising,in fact when I start exercising, I enjoy it and I often wonder why I don’t do it often. I’ve found it hard working from home making the time to go out to the gym and work out. I’ve become like many other people, with gym memberships they regularly pay for but don’t attend. I’ve been hoping that one day I’ll just get up and go to the gym like I used to but it hasn’t happened.

I’m currently working out four to five times a week at the Function Force gym taking two to three boxing classes and two to three circuit classes. My personal trainer has recommended both the boxing and the circuit classes as a way of improving my overall fitness as well as a way to tone up. Hopefully just in time for summer and the bikini season.

I’m currently in my second week of classes and the challenge is to work out for six weeks and then report back on the results. Another girl who goes to the same gym has managed to lose at least 15 kilos since the gym opened in June this year just by doing the Function Force Training Camps (similar to boot camp) three times a week. There’s another guy who regularly attends both my boxing and circuit class who is seriously disappearing. I can’t believe how much he’s lost and my boxing partner claims to feel so full of energy that she just often takes off for a jog.

I’m half way through week two and I can already feel my body getting used to exercising again. I can’t claim to have lost any weight, I did weigh myself before I started and I weighed 62.9 kilos. I’ll re-weigh myself next week to see if I’ve lost any weight. My goal weight is 59 kg ( I look ridiculous if I go below this figure). And I hope to lose this weight by the end of the six weeks which should be on the 12th of Nov 2011. I started on the 8th of October 2011. I hope to just be more excited and motivated to train and also to hopefully be motivated to get back into weight training which I used to love.

Benefits Of Boxing

It doesn’t matter whether you know anything about professional boxing, one thing that Us sporting enthusiasts notice about boxers is their lean toned bodies that are always well proportioned regardless of body size. Their movements are always sharp and and light, nothing sluggish about boxing. You don’t have to be a boxer or get into a ring and fight to get the benefits of boxing for fitness. It’s well documented that boxing is a great way to tone, strengthen the body, and develop aerobic fitness for overall fitness. The guys at Function Force run a variety of boxing classes focusing on proper punching techniques, foot movement that will get your body moving and sweating at the same time.

The boxing and all their training is done barefoot. That’s right, you don’t train with shoes. Barefoot training is part of the Function Force training philosophy. They believe that when you train without shoes your feet are more responsive to movement and that you’re better able to control your movement because you’re able to sense the movement. It’s a little bit like touching things with your hand verses touching things with your hand wearing gloves. What’s going to give you the greatest sense of touch, gloves or your own hands and fingers?Anyway barefoot training and running is gaining momentum throughout the fitness industry and Nike, the very innovative company that have developed shoes that mimic the feeling of being barefoot.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is something that used to be a staple of many gym classes but I haven’t seen a circuit training class for over ten years until now. Circuit training offers the same exercise benefits as boxing only you don’t have to wear gloves. The principle of circuit training has always been to improve all the bodies energy systems – Aerobic and anaerobic (Lactic Acid and the Creatine Phosphate system), improve strength, power, and muscle tone.  The guys use the Function Force philosophy of every movement in the circuit and therefore exercise being relevant in the development of fitness. They make sure that the exercises included work every muscle in the body or as many muscle groups as possible

Benefits Of Group Exercises at Function Force

The great thing about working out at Function Force is that you’re working out in a small group of people so the trainers have the opportunity to make sure everyone is  well looked after.  The instructors (my personal trainer) makes sure that I work at my own pace but at a pace that’s challenging enough for me. It’s a little like a group personal training session. And everyone that trains there has one thing on their mind getting fit. No they are not meat heads or fitness fanatics just people who want to make the most of their work out and that’s very important to me.

The other is that it doesn’t matter how fit you are. Your fitness goals are personal and yours. The trainers will help you meet your goals and give you any additional information and tips that maybe helpful.

Classes at Function Force


MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Circuit Traing

No memberships, pay as you go, no commitments! Open 6 days a week, personal training available visit for more information.


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