Brazilian Keratin Treatment – 3 Month Update


My hair two months after BKT

Yesterday I spent a two pain saking hours removing a weave from my sister’s hair and another three hours doing a Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT) on her hair. This was obviously a labor of love and also reminded me that it was three months since I did the treatment myself. There’s has been a lot of controversy over the treatment and procedure, mostly to do with the use of formaldehyde in some of the formulations. I felt that I took due diligence and researched the treatment including finding a brand that didn’t contain the formaldehyde.

I had mixed feelings about the results at the time that I did the treatment and these feelings had nothing to do with the product itself, just of my own expectations. While on one hand I was happy that my hair was easier to manage and smoother. The product smoothed my hair which meant that lost a lot of the volume of my hair texture which I missed. I wasn’t expecting this. The product isn’t meant to alter the texture of your hair and it’s meant to wear out after three months. I wish it would wear out and my hair go back to it’s old texture. The product is still in my hair after three months and I can feel the difference between hair that’s been coated with the BKT and the new hair and new growth. The curls in the new hair are much tighter and coiled whereas the curl pattern of the old hair with the BKT is looser.

For whatever reason I somehow also expected the product to fix my other hair problems, damaged ends and dryness. When this didn’t happen, frustration set in and I felt and depressed. I felt that my hair had let me down, after all I believed I had done for it.

But my luck changed when writing a blog post and stumbled up on some information on growing black hair naturally. I was blown away by the amount of information that was out there. Excited, I jumped on the bandwagon and haven’t looked back. Three months later my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been and I’ve also started my own blog documenting my own hair journey. For those who are interested it’s I’m not an expertt in this area but I’ve had some unusual experiences with hair and I hope people find some of the information useful. I’m not giving out style advise and focus my energy on the areas that I’m best at, nutritional information, vitamin supplementation, and the link between health and hair growth.

Three months after the BKT I’ve had about two inches growth (that’s 5 cm for the metrics) and I’m very happy with my hair. I wont be doing the treatment again. This is because I no longer need to and the reason why I initially decided to do it no longer exists. My hair is manageable and healthy. This has been the result of following a few hair tips.

These days I rarely get tangles. I might find one tangle in my hair every time I wash it, which is every three days. Another thing that changed my hair’s manageability was pre-pooing with a lot of castor and coconut oil. This alone made my hair less dry after shampooing. Using a detangling conditioner to detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb and applying a the same detangling conditioner as a leave in after detangling has helped reduce breakage and knots then eventually can lead to breakage. I’ve also recently employed the use of sheer butter to seal in the moisture in my twist and I especially add extra at the tips to attempt to prevent single strand knots which have always been a menace.

If I preferred straight hair and was currently using a chemical relaxer, I would definitely choose the BKT over the relaxer for two reasons, you don’t have to worry about the treatment burning your scalp or leaving it in too long and causing hair breakage. Anyone considering this treatment should ask themselves as to why they want to do it

Right now, I am a happy more than happy with the kinks and coils in her hair and is looking forward to continuing to learn about her own hair. As for my sister, she’s in love with BKT! BKK has helped make her hair easier to blow dry without using relaxers to achieve a straight look which is her preference.  Relaxers just weren’t working for her and I was sick of seeing her hair break every time she did it.  Although she uses BKT, I’ve also encouraged her to take care of her hair.



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