Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 – Highlights

I see a lot of ordinary people or everyday people talking about this label and that label. Most of us will never own a designer original no matter how much we think we love the labels. But do designer labels and the latest designer must haves equal style or a good dress sense? The answer sadly is no.

So why bother with trend reviews and whats going on with the different looks on the catwalk? Because fashion buyers and in house fashion designers of your more realistic fashion brands are paying attention, busy trying to interpret these looks into wearable clothing for your purchasing pleasure. Like it or not these will be the looks that you will be seeing in your local fashion boutiques next season. And after reviewing a few of the shows from the safety and privacy of my lap top, I’m a little excited that the barely there mini skirt that was once skirting on bad taste is officially of the fashion table now completely replaced by the longer more lady like lengths that start from below the knee. Next years skirts will be calf length, fitted and figure hugging and high waisted. Think the women of the television series Mad Men. Polished and feminine with a modern twist.

There’s a little bit of fringing slowing appearing, reminiscent of the 20’s. There’s also a Spanish influence rising with a lot of frills, off the shoulder rouged tops, and tiered skirts with several layers as seen at the Missoni show. Intricate crotchet seem to be following in the footsteps of lace and tipped to have a strong fashion influence.

The new trends provide something for everyone. My only hope is that the fuller figured woman is not afraid to try the more fitted styles, take a page from Mad Men, those ladies manage to look sophisticated, polished and together even while sporting a less than perfect figure. It’s not about being a size zero but making the most of your body and working with those bits we may not like.

Enough words, here are some of the looks you can expect copied.


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