Trend! The 60’s and 70’s, Fashion For The Revolution

Whether it was the civil rights movement, the end of colonization in Africa, women’s revolution, rock and roll, soul and funk, sexual revolution or the cry out and fight for personal liberation, nothing beats the 60’s and 70’s for fashion with a message. In the 60’s a, nd 70’s, out went the need to dress to meet social conventions or adhere to strict gender roles and social class. The want for freedom and self expression was everywhere and nothing said I’m my own person than a maxi floral dress. Nothing said I’m funky and cool than a pare of bell bottom flares in an eye popping bleeding orange paired up with sunset yellow singlet. Today’s colour blocking fashion trend maybe a revolution for some fashionista’s starved of inspiration, it’s nothing compared to the enigmatic fashion voice that was a cultural transition during this time period that had gone viral.

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Fashion in the 60’s and 70’s said something and it wasn’t about one lone voice shouting down from the mountain top to the ants below, it was a collective that summoned the individual to be an individual and express themselves accordingly. The fashion of the time didn’t demand that your body had to look a certain way, it demanded that your mind be liberated and experimental, unlike the Johnnie come lately fashion trends of today that come and go as they please or sometimes linger on like a bad smell and are led by celebrities, they follow our modern day social conventions and carry a hefty price tag.

The 60’s gave birth to mini, the 70’s exposed the world to urban street style and the real meaning of funk and cool. Lets not forget the emergence of tribal fashion. Think bright, think big, think patterns, think earthly. Think lose and flowy

Yours truly is a child who loves 60’s and 70’s fashion. From funky wooden platforms worn with high waisted bell bottoms finished of with a simple singlet and an Afro, I feel like I can fly!

60’s and 70’s Fashion inspiration from the Diva’s of the period and today.

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