Summer Fashion Highlights

Zara Opens…

Yesterday I found myself at Zara on Burke Street Melbourne.  There was a huge hype about the store’s entrance into the Australian retail market.


Zara Melbourne

I’m not going to jump on the band wagon and say that I love the label because my tastes in fashion can be quite eccentric.  And unlike most people I haven’t been awaiting for the Melbourne store to open.  What do I think of the whole fuss? Unless Melbourne’s fashion elitist are willing to give up their more unique style of black and more black, the edgier look of this fashion label is going to be lost on them. A lot of the bold looks that are catwalk influenced from this brand is not something I imagine a lot of Melbournians embracing. Did I like the stuff? I wasn’t overly impressed. It wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before.  Bright neon colours are a sharp contrast to the more muted tones that Melbourne girls are used to wearing let alone used to seeing in Australian stores.

The Australian Look

There’s an understated look about the Australian style. It’s something safe, something comfortable and unfortunately something familiar. The classic beach girl look, heavily influenced by the beach and surf culture has been around for years. A lot of the Australian designers have learnt to evolve and develop collections along these lines. The Australian colour pallet is always muted. The closest thing it gets to bright colours are pastels. And this is been the exact response to bold shades showing up on the catwalk.

How will we all cope with the neon brights of the European spring/summer season is left to be seen.  I wonder how many of those bright neon skirts have been sold in Zara. The bright and bold looks popping out everywhere in European fashion shows is not something that I can see taking off in Melbourne although I would like to be proven wrong.

Strike A Pause

On the international front, the next fashion season will deliver (brace yourself) colour. There’s a strong 70’s influence on the catwalk and it’s been around for a while. Wide legged pants, a hint of flares, long maxi skirts, A-line dresses and skirts in neon bright colours, colour blocking, and shift dresses. Bright floral prints, pleats, lace and leather, spots, geometrics, and block colours. Come to think of it this doesn’t really live a lot out. It seems these days everything is always in and all the time. The trick is knowing how to wear it. There’s one thing that thankfully has started to disappear off the catwalk is leopard print. I think we’ve all had enough. I’m certainly ready to move on from this look.

Here are some summer looks modeled by beautiful black models


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