Melbourne’s Black Designers

Fashion is a dicey industry. It’s fast and furious and only the fittest ever survive.  That’s why this months posts are going to be dedicated to a few of my fashion heroes and favorite labels. My first stop is Black Designers. There maybe a few out there but the ones that have survived and exist are making a mark on the fashion landscape and obviously our closets. My first is a man I’ve known for what seems to be forever! Richard Wiggan.

Chocolate City

Yesterday I took a walk on the cool side and found myself in Melbourne’s once very popular fashion destination Greville Street, Prahran. There I run into an old friend, Richard Wiggan, Jamaican born former model, designer, artist, businessmen and all round nice guy hanging out at his store Chocolate City. Chocolate City is the brain child of Richard.

Richard Wiggin, Mr Chocolate City

The label came to fruition in 2003 when Richard decided to combine his fashion knowledge and creative passion to create a ‘his and hers’ label for all cool cats who understand the delicate balance between comfort and style. The fashion label is all about effortless cool with an urban edge and an understated sexiness.

I love this label not only because I know of creative genius behind it but because it combines a lot of the fashion elements of urban culture, African tribal influences, hip hop, and finally the coolness of reggae.

If you’re in Melbourne check out Chocolate City at 146 Greville St Prahran VIC 3181 but if you prefer to shop online then visit his store by clicking this link.

Chocolate City

The urban influence - my favorite Tee














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