Black Models

While most of you may not be aware one of the hottest fashion shows on the fashion calendar, Sao Paulo Fashion Week, 2012 has drawn to a close. While some models were busy striking a pose in racy bikinis, others were outside protesting. Why the noise? Race unfortunately. Although 50% of Brazilian models are of African descent, only 3% of models were black. Protests this year lead to a mandatory quota of at least 10% of either African or indigenous models must be included.  Although protesters don’t think this is enough, it’s a start against what they call a racist policy that disadvantages the careers of many black and indigenous models. To celebrate their victory and in support of black models everywhere, Beauty and The Black Women has found the stunning images of these beautiful young women who we hope will have successful careers and receive the recognition that they deserve.

Brazilian Model Sao Paulo

My boyfriend and I were discussing the reasons why we don’t see many black women or any other ethnic women in magazine. I always thought it was all about social economics, since most magazines are about marketing and advertising and most adverting mostly targets the middle class. In the case of Brazil most of the black population would fall under the lower class. Is there more to this picture than just blaming the power of money or are advertisers giving us what we subconsciously are comfortable with or even what we aspire to.

No one can blame the Japanese, Hong Kong or Singaporeans for being poor.  And yet most of the most successful models there are those that are Euro-Asian or have very western features. The same goes for India, the land of the millionaires. It’s common knowledge that the western standards of beauty are what is most popular in the world.

Perhaps if we all embraced the beauty of all races and ethnicity, the media would also respond. But why would they promote Black or Asian models for example if no one wants to relate to them.


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