Successful Behavioral Habits Of Healthy People

Today I ended my four day mini detox. I had no problems cutting out things like dairy, breads, and junk food. The whole thing turned out to be easier than I thought (yes i know detoxing is hard). I learned a lot about myself and my relationship with food.

I have often blamed a lot of my health problems on food over the years. the last few days of eating nothing but seemed vegetables, drinking ginger, lemon, and honey mixture, and not getting anyway, highlighted another important element to my life and health. Stress.

This meant that since my mind was corrupted by a range of unhealthy thoughts and emotions, I didn’t get the full benefits of the detox, putting me only slightly in a better position than I was four days ago.

I’d started writing a blog on the ‘Successful Behavioral Habits of Healthy People’ a day into my detox, and my list didn’t include stress. Now it’s made it to the very top, as the number one priority.Image of a health body and lifestyle, Kelly Rowland

A picture of health, Kelly Rowland.

Serena Williams, demonstrating the benefits of exercise

You often hear about all these rich people and how their learned behavior and ways of life  have resulted in wealth. There are lots of books on thinking rich and adapting behavior that will result in your pockets being full.

While there  are probably as many tips on weight lose, very few of them tackle behavior.There’s a world of information about health and nutrition, governments have spent millions on health campaigns and despite the preferred body for both men and women being that of a slim silhouette, the message seems to be falling on death ears. We’re just not paying attention if the figures if the figures on obesity are anything to go by.

The dialogue around diet and exercise is changing, as the psychology is now being used to tackle bad food habits. Here are some of my top observed successful behavior habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Manage your stress

You may not always be able to stop stress from entering your life, you can learn how to manage it.  There are also a number of relaxation techniques you can use to limit the negative impact of stress.

Halle Berry, walking. A great way to reduce stress.

Prioritize your health and fitness

If you don’t take the time to prioritize things that you consider important, then it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to be successful. This is true for your health and fitness. People often express a passing interest in exercise and diet. I always hear the words, I wish I could eat better, I should go for a walk. Wishing wont get you anywhere, doing will.

Believe in the importance of being healthy

Most people don’t prioritize their health simply because they don’t really believe in health and well being. With obesity becoming the norm and dietary related diseases such as heart disease and cancer on an increase, the concept of good health is almost non existent. As a society we are getting too accustomed to the idea of poor health, that good health is only their for a lucky few. Since most people are born healthy, in the last century a lot of bacterial diseases have been contained, at least in the west anyway so there is no excuse.  The state of ill health unfortunately then becomes a product of our parents lifestyle choices when we’re growing up and then eventually our own, when we take over our lives.

Have a faith


Most healthy people follow a health philosophy. They either believe in the Buddhist principles of health, Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, philosophy of natural western medicine, or some other guru or philosopher. The point is when it comes to healthy living, just like a religious philosophy your belief or lack of it is very important.  I’ve investigated all these philosophies and have integrated different elements of them in my health belief system. My principle believe is mainly based on my first years of life. In Africa, everything I used to eat was grown locally or came from our back yard. The idea of packaging, processing was first experienced when I stepped off the plane in Australia. Suddenly everything was in a box, tin, or wrapped in plastic with excessively long shelf life. It wasn’t long before I developed allergies. While in high school I fell onto the book ‘Fit for life’. That was the beginning of my health education. It changed my life. I’m healthy today because i believe in being healthy and I’ve taken the time to educate myself about the basic principles of good health.

Self Education

There’s a lot of information out there about how to lose weight and dieting. What you should really be concerned with is how to stay healthy for as long as you possibly can. There are a lot of websites dedicated to health. Reading how a celebrity lost weight and how they did it from a women’s magazine is a waste of time.

These dietary summaries don’t tell you all the information or what other things this person has done to look the way they did. There are a few social networking websites with support groups that offer information and dietary advice that can help you. Whatever you do, work out what works for you.

My first lessons about nutrition came from this book, Fit For Life

Have a positive role model

My health and fitness role model is Gwyneth Paltrow. I know  some of you may not think she’s that positive. But she’s renowned for her healthy lifestyle. Why else would she name her child after a fruit. Her skin screams of health to me. I know I’ll never have a healthy glow like she does but I aspire.  She’s the only celebrity whose diet book I’d read. And then there’s Madonna. In her 50’s she’s got the flexibility and agility of a ten year old gymnast. I hope to be half that fit when I get to be her age.


That dirty little word! First of all, even fit people struggle with the exercising. Before I start exercising I grumble but once it’s finished, I’m always glad I did it. Exercise is so important because of our sedentary lifestyle. Most people don’t use half the muscles in their body these days and this lack of physical fitness is also a contributing factor to the appalling levels of health in western society. Not only will a sufficient amount of exercise enhance your mood, but it will also solve most of your body issues such as cellulite. Yes I know it doesn’t get rid of it all but it helps tone and shape your body.

Eat Well

Think of vegetables and fruits as part of your beauty routine

There’s no substitute for a good diet. What you put in is what you get out. That’s it. It’s not that complicated.

Carry a bottle of water wherever you go

Petrol for your car, water for your body! Soft drinks don’t count! Simple. Always stay hydrated by carrying a bottle of water with you.

Listen to your body

I haven’t taken a pain killer  for almost ten years. Pain killers mask pain, they don’t cure your ills, they just numb you. Pain is often a sign that something is not right with you. And if you take a pain killer every time you feel sick what kind of health problems are you masking. Don’t just take the pain killer, especially if it’s a reoccurring pain. See a doctor, find out why!

Take Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin Supplements

There are many people out there that believe that you shouldn’t take nutritional supplements because our diets contain enough nutrients to prevent a deficient. Most of the recommended dietary intakes of minerals and vitamins are based on the minimum to prevent diseases such as scurvy. They are not based on the optimum amounts to not only promote better health but prevent disease. There is mounting evidence that certain vitamins, if taken in excess of the daily recommended intake can prevent certain diseases.Certain vitamins and minerals can be toxic if consumed in excess.

There’s also the issue of the quality of our agricultural soils and whether they contain enough nutrients to meet our daily nutrient requirements.

Another problem is the food manufacturing methods used which strip the food of nutrients. Food companies put the nutrients back in foods after process as if they are doing us a favor by fortifying our foods. The truth is the vitamins they put back in are often synthetic and may not have the same biological activity as the ones found in nature.

That’s it from me. Stay beautiful


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