Fashion meets Cinema – Black Women in Blaxploitation

The 70’s was a memorable genre in black history allover the world.  It was the end of colonization in many African countries and the end of racial segregation laws in America. Out of this social independence Blaxploitation Cinema emerged. Bold, brash, and sexy, sometimes downright outrageous, the films were sometimes contrivesial and gave black film makers a voice and African American culture a creative outlet. It provided them with the opportunity to portray themselves as they chose and escaped the traditional slave or servant roles that they were used to being offered.

Blaxploitation films glamourized being black, featured the hottest black women of the time and the hottest music.

Gloria Hendry, Blaxploitation film star and first black bond girl

Pam Grier, the original ‘Foxy Cleopatra’

















Rosanne Katon



Tamara Dobson, Model and actress
Vonetta MCgee

These beautiful women portray not only beauty, but inner strength, individualism and self expression.
Lola Fanana

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