Head Testing – Aesop Hair Products, Big Tick For Australian Made Products

Tried and Tested: Aesop’s Scalp Cleansing Shampoo, Aesop’s Revitalising Hair Sealing Conditioner, and Aesop’s Violet Leaf Balm.

This week I decided to get serious about growing my hair again and taking better care of it than I have.  My sister’s wedding is in June next year and as one of the bridesmaid, my hair needs to look the part. I’m going to use this as an inspiration.

I thought I might as well take the time to resolve that ongoing itchy scalp of mine that seemed to itch at the mere sight of shampoo. I’d also read somewhere that there was mounting evidence that Sulphates were responsible for hair thinning in women and other scalp conditions. My mission was to find a shampoo and conditioner that were as gentle to the scalp as possible.

Although I’ve got at least four different shampoos in the bathroom I decide to hit Chapel Street and Toorak Road for my favourite beauty shops in Melbourne. I was initially going to go to Aveda, for a shampoo that I hope would help solve my scalp problems. I’ve always had a problem scalp that’s never been a friend of a lot of chemicals in shampoos and creams. And since I’ve been harping on about natural this, natural that, I thought I’d try some of the Aveda products. Didn’t make it to Aveda, instead I ended up at Aesop.

The lovely young lady in the store was super friendly and nice. I felt more than comfortable telling her that my scalp was an itchy mess. She recommended the Sage Scalp Cleansing Shampoo for my scalp (not sulphate free but the sulphate in this product is derived from coconut), and for hair conditioning, Aesop’s Revitalising Hair Sealing Conditioner. I’d also tried some of the Violet Leaf Balm that was in the tester jar to use as a daily moisturizer. It felt good in the store while I massaged it into my hair but wasn’t sure how all this was going to work out once my hair had been washed.

The lovely young lady refused to sell me the products and suggested that I go home and try them and then come back and let her know how I went. If the products didn’t work, she’d be happy to look at other options. Lovely! She piled me with enough shampoo and conditioner for one wash and enough of the balm for one application.

Results (See photo’s of my hair) 


One word, amazing! I felt like I was at a beauty spa. The scent of the shampoo was refreshing, and amazingly for my big fat head and thousands of little fros , I only needed 2 ml of the shampoo. I know it was 2 ml because I only used one sachet and each sample sachet contains 2 ml. Yes that’s right, only 2 ml. I also forgot to mention that I had soaked every strand of my hair with safflower oil prior to washing. And it still only took 2 ml to wash the oil out. Scalp check immediately after shampooing? No tightness, no itchiness.

Normally my skin starts flaring up when my scalp starts getting dry. Didn’t happen this time. It’s now three days later as I’m writing this, I’ve just done another check of my scalp to see how much it’s reacted to the shampoo and there’s very little action. I normally get large patches of dry skin forming at the front of my scalp and on the sides of my head. This time all the usual suspect spots are almost scaly skin free, even three days after the shampoo. No itchiness. My hair didn’t feel dry after the shampoo which is what usually happens with most other shampoos.


I needed more conditioner than I did shampoo, at least 10 ml. There have been times when I’ve needed twice as much. Hair did feel conditioned. Again, another great result.

Violet Leaf Balm

This was my biggest concern. I wasn’t sure how this thick whitish cream was going to work on my hair that has gotten progressively dry due to a year of sheer neglect, especially the ends of which are in desperate need of a trim. Initially the 6 ml given to me to try wasn’t quite enough for my hair, as I have plenty of it. But the product seemed to be doing its job so I went back last night and bought the whole jar. I think I uses about 10 ml. No greasy feeling afterwards. Goes inside hair and stay inside hair. Used on damp and dry hair.

Surprise! Again, only one word, amazing. Applied it to every strand of hair and my hair looks lustrous. My love can’t get over how great my hair looks. Neither can I!

Great experience with Aesop. Loved their samples and most of all loved their products and services. Aesop is an Australian owned and run company that produces skin, hair, and body products. They use both botanical and non-botanical ingredients in their products. You can find them online at


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