‘Death Of the Black Woman’

I’m calling it the death of the black woman. Yes I know we are here and alive and well. But i feel that she’s dead. I mean the image of the black woman,  you don’t see her anymore, not in the media anyway. Know anyone who looks like her?  I mean how many black women do you know, wear their own hair, have corn rolls in their hair, or braids, plats. I haven’t seen it on an famous black woman and I certainly haven’t seen it on anyone I know except for that Angolan Portuguese woman (you know who you’re), who has just recently cut her hair and looks great in her afro.  Oh yes, and then there’s me.Oh I know you all think I have good hair and I can get away with wearing an Afro. I have good hair because I take care of it.

I can’t reference any one else. Finding anyone who wears their hair natually today is like finding a needle in a haysack.

Famous for her Afro, I don't think I've ever seen her with straight hair.

I’m sure that my sisters will disagree with me that I’m just blind and should get out of the white world that I live in and got to footscray and there, all the Africanness in the world. Not so. Been to footscray and the image i have of the hair styles is a sea of weaves and wigs, micro braids,  and relaxers gone wrong. There are also a lot of people with good relaxer jobs and some whose hair hasn’t even been relaxed. But I still don’t remember any black woman with a natural hair style. The fro in afrocentic is dead.

And whose this new black woman anyway? We see her in the music videos, sleek and polished, even plastic if you ask me, strutting her stuff with her beautiful long hair, bootiliscious, with a light complexion while rappers drool over her. don’t tell me you haven’t noticed?

Straight hair is the new black, the weave has certainly replaced the afro, which has now been archived and is strangely referred to as exotic. I didn’t think that there is anything special and exotic about hair found on almost a billion africans. Do you? I get that a lot, more so from African American men. They’re always, I may add pleasently surprised to meet a woman with hair that hasn’t undergone sevear torcher.

Meet a lot of african women, and one of the things they say about my afro is that they wish they could have their hair like mine. Well they can. And they do! They just have to take out their weaves and hoops, there it is!

In American, it’s even worse. Some American’s refer to the Afro as Nappy hair or Kinky hair.  Calling someone ‘nappy head’ is one of the worst insults you can give to any African American. Imagine that! Telling someone that they have African hair is a big insult?

What is that saying about society, the black society in general where your natural hair is deemed to be a bad thing?

One of the genetic features that has been mostly identified with blackness, the Afro, is dying. The type of woman who embraced her ethnicity and urban style has all but disappeared. Everyone is ‘Oh’ so chick and stylish these days with their imitation designers and what not.
Call me sentimental but I love a good fro, more so than any other hairstyle on black woman.

The look of the black woman has become more anglo these days. I saw the trend emerge with the popularization of black music such as R&B and Hiphop. Those women in music videos have a lot of explaining to do.



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