Beauty & The Black Woman – Welcome

Welcome to ‘Beauty and the Black Woman’.

I remember growing up as a black girl in a very white world. Of course it was to be expected. I lived in Australia and despite the original land owners of this country being of dark skin, it has become a white country, with the predominant population being of British decent. Don’t get me started on what they have done or how they have treated the aboriginals since they got here! They didn’t start letting anyone who wasn’t white into this country til 1975. This is not a history lesson however, nor a winge about this countries racial history.

I simply want to dedicate this blog not so much to the term ‘black beauty’. I actually find this term to be a little cliché and an insult quite frankly. You don’t see white women being referred to as ‘white beauties’ or what not. The reason being is that they all believe that their race as a whole is capable of producing women of beauty. And so is any race. Beauty in the black population from a biological and scientific perspective is just as naturally occurring. The occurrence of physically attractive features is independent of race. Science will prove that over and over again. I don’t want to focus on the fact that black women are beautiful because I know they are! I just want to dedicate this blog to discussing beauty and health issues that anyone of colour experiences.

Why? Because unless you live in a dark hole and you’re buried ten feet under and haven’t noticed that  such information about the proper care and maintenance  of dark skin or health for women or men isn’t available. No one’s bothered with researching or studying our skin type because our vanity is not seen as a disease and is not a biological hazard.  So it’s not going to kill anyone, spread or infect the rest of the world like Aids or the Ebola virus. The fact that we too would like an ant wrinkle cream dedicated to dark skin or a moisturizer that’s dedicated to our dark skin that isn’t full of grease and creates shininess, has escaped the cosmetics industry.  Correct me if I’m wrong and if there is anyone out there whose aware of any such products or products that are great for dark skin, does anyone out there have any beauty secrets that they don’t mind sharing with the rest of us trying beauty product after beauty product and becoming very cynical please share! Please!

And for those of us especially, those who have grown up in western countries and who are not surrounded by a large community of people of the same ethnicity, will admit that constantly being bombarded by images of people you cannot physically relate to and always trying to extrapolate information about hair and make-up to suit your skin tone and hair type may find this blog useful. Of course large cosmetics companies don’t bother with the research into products for dark skin because we don’t register on their rector scale of consumers prepared to spend a great deal of money on products that promise the fountain of youth and deliver nothing. And yes there are many products out there that offer empty promises and we should all be aware of them. And although price isn’t always an indication of quality, in most instances you get what you pay for.

The most expensive face cream I’ve ever bought was Nature Bisse, $150 I think for the face cream. I’m not sure whether it was my imagination but I felt my skin even out and a few of the brown spots placed there by hormones disappeared somewhat. That moisturizer has lasted me six months. Was it money well spent? The answer is yes! It works out to $12.50 a month and my skin looked great. That’s how I justified it!

Some of you may wonder what possessed me to spend what appears to be a ridiculous amount of money on moisturizer. Well it started off with those damned women’s magazine doing a special campaign on the introduction of the product to Australia. I saw the advertising and Iike a fool, I fell for it. The campaign claimed that Beyonce used it and has sung about it in one of her many songs. Not only that, Beyonce has one of the best celebrity skin in the business. It looks glowing and health you don’t need to be a genius to notice that. I would happily sit down with her and discuss her skin and beauty secrets. Not that’s ever going to happen.

Now that wasn’t all, I did try to research the product a little. For example where it was made, the philosophy behind it and I even went into the department stores where the product was being launched for samples and they were more than happy to provide me with samples that I tried. Be this a lesson for anyone. Interested in a product that promises miracles, why not try it first? I always do with any cosmetics product I’m spending more than $40.00 on. Would I buy this product again? Yes I would and the other products in their range.

Please Check out this short documentary on black skin – this is sad, so sad because it’s very true



  1. Great read. We can’t find the link you’re talking about

  2. Ruth Palma said

    Great stuff…. Can we have more information on hair and skin products and places in Australia where y can get your hair done and buy products for Afro hair.

    • I’ll be putting together a little referal guide shortly which will have a list of recommended products, hair dressers, and beauticians. look out for it

  3. zione said


    great work….. deep stuff. not sure how to become a member… not generation ‘y’ enough… Zi

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